Free delivery for orders higher than EUR 300,00!

Price and delivery terms

Shipping costs are calculated automatically after the products have been chosen, by the electronic system of the ZLATARNA DODIĆ Web Shop, which then issues the order stating the price of the chosen products and the shipping price. The shipping price is stated separately in the shopping cart, below the price of one or more chosen products, and is identical for every country of the EU, except Croatia (VAT is included). The shipping prices that apply to a particular EU member country are the same within the country, regardless of the weight, volume or customer address. For orders lower than EUR 300,00 the shipping fee is EUR 20,00, while for orders higher than EUR 300,00 the shipping is FREE of charge. For all orders within Croatia shipping is  FREE of charge, regardless of purchase price. The EU delivery period, for products in stock, is from 5 to 7 business days from the date of the receipt of the customer / buyer’s payment on the bank account of ZLATARNA DODIĆ d.o.o., except where the products being ordered are not in stock. If this is the case, it is possible that the delivery of the product will be delayed for the period initially required to place the ordered product from the warehouse from which the products are sold through the ZLATARNA DODIĆ Web Shop.

In case the company ZLATARNA DODIĆ d.o.o. is not able to deliver any of the ordered products, the sales staff will contact the Buyer by phone or email in order to arrange the replacement or cancellation of the ordered product. All other ordered products will be delivered.

The delivery price is charged during the calculation of all other prices on the order and according to the delivery company prices. All products are delivered by GLS d.o.o. delivery company within 5-7 business days from the receipt of the buyer’s payment on the account of the company.

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